Yoga Part II


I’m continuing to work on a daily ashtanga yoga practice.


From 23rd August; for about two weeks, I did about 70% of the ashtanga primary series on alternate days, with some running and weight training in between.

However, suddenly on 8th Sept I felt exhausted, I decided to take 2 rest days; which turned into  4.

Following the rest days:

  • I could stretch a bit more
  • I could flow in and out of some poses with more stability / ease.
  • However it’s still an extremely challenging practice.
  • I haven’t made much progress on the primary series postures; I can’t the ‘jump through’, ‘marichyasana’, ‘inversions’ etc.

I’m not the most unhealthy person, but the shocking truth is that living a semi sedentary lifestyle for a long time has created a body with low stamina, long recovery time, and this isn’t going to change overnight, or even in a month.

It feels a little frustrating, but I occasionaly remember not to think too much about the fitness/flexibility/stamina goal, and rather just to accept that you have to commit to the practice. Like a lot of things, it doesn’t come quickly and easily, but if you persevere through the difficulties and put the hours in it should get better.

Having said that, I am having a bad few days.

I haven’t been able to sleep until about 3/4am, I have that ‘brain’ doesn’t want to relax feeling. I think I might need some mineral supplments (magnesium / selenium?).

I’m trying to re-program my nightly routine. When I am doing work contracts I tend to escape into a tv show youtube at night, just to get away from thinking. I am trying to break out of this habit. Recently I decided to re-watch some of the comedy show friends and try to make a rule of just one episode a night. But what else should I do? I don’t want to do any intensive exercise or intensive work in case it disrupts my sleep more. I would be interested to know what other people do in terms of healthy evening routines.


3 thoughts on “Yoga Part II

  1. progress in primary series (and all series and all yoga postures) is slow. it took me about 2 years to be able to do the entire series in a fluid, competent way. and that was after 10 years of doing other styles of yoga! just remember that it’s a lifestyle and a lifetime project. so you’re right on schedule!

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    1. Thank you Rachel – it’s really helpful to get a message with thoughts from someone experienced, oh and congratulations on maintaining a long practice. I’m going to do my best and will occasionally write an update on how it’s going and how I feel about it. It’s an interesting lifestyle journey!

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