Yoga Part III & Training Update: 23rd Aug – 27th Sept


On Aug 23rd I started working towards a goal to get into a daily yoga practice (I made two posts about this so far Part I and Part II.)

Just over a month later I want to check in on progress. I will admit now that I had a couple of long stretches of days w/out yoga practice. However as a minimum I have been walking 3-5 miles per day and I have been eating relatively light.

Apologise in advance for the graphic content, but here is my before and after progress pictures.


So apart from the right picture having better light, I think I have lost a bit of weight and gained a bit of tone. I haven’t gained much muscle primarily due to eating light.

I’m a little embarrased to share my updated workout calendar due to the days of inactivity, but here we go.


The long stretch of ‘not recording’ in red is when I lost motivation and didn’t do yoga or update my calendar. Although I am pretty sure I did yoga + gym once on those days, I can’t remember which day.

There are a couple of things I have been thinking about based on progress:

  • It’s easy to make a goal and want to make perfect progress, but energy goes up and down, other stuff gets in the way, and it’s not always easy to stick to the plan. I think when this happens we have to look positvely on progress made, be kind to ourselves and continue as soon as we feel up to it.
  • My yoga practice feels better now than it did at the start. I really feel that Yoga is hardest when first starting out. It’s a battle against a lazy, stiff, tired body. It’s a real shame because it’s hardest physically at the time when it’s also hardest mentally. I don’t really see yoga teachers addressing this. I wonder if people forget how hard it was in the beginning?
  • I started to do more meditation to try and increase recovery. I think it’s extremely helpful. At the moment I am doing Sri Dharma Mittra’s Psychic Sleep on Cody, which is really working for me on body relaxation.

Now that I am travelling in Taiwan I don’t have access to a gym so I’ve started to look at some bodyweight training routines, but still in the early stages.

I also want to start working towards handstands. Watch this space.

To finish on a positive note, I rewarded myself with a new pair of jeans. I went into the Levi store wondering if I would be able to fit into a pair of my favourite 30″ waist 511s.


I was so happy that I could. I had been wearing 32″ uniqlo jeans; that while good, just didn’t fit as well and  developed a crotch hole really quickly!  To be honest levi have moved towards using a more ‘stretch’ material than they used to, but still – I’m happy!


One thought on “Yoga Part III & Training Update: 23rd Aug – 27th Sept

  1. I have exactly the same problem with my yoga! (You are not alone lol!) I go to a weekly class that helps to keep me motivated, but I seem to forever be slipping in my goal of doing half an hour daily.
    My condemnation is – being retired I really should take time to do it.
    My excuse – while I have more time I also have less energy.
    My mantra – even one or two stretches are better than no stretches. I’ve found also that nine times out of ten my couple of stretches feel so good I end up doing a lot more!

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