Fitness – Break the Rules, Have Fun!


If you’ve seen my recent posts you will have noticed I am trying to step up my yoga practice, in parallel I’m also trying out various other forms of training. I’m interested in bodyweight training, callisthenics (e.g. swinging on bars) and a bunch of other stuff.

This post is really just to share a couple of fun things.

1. Strength Rules by Danny Kavadlo

Amazon –

This is a great book, about half of the book talks about real strength, and is full of great pearls of wisdom. I’ve been noting down quotes from this book in my notepad as I go. For example:

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible”

“There is no improving yourself until you accept yourself. This assertion applies to many facets of life, from careers, to relationships, to results in the gym.”

“Just doing something is always better than standing around doing nothing”

Danny’s approach is a perfectly no nonsense. He talks about eating naturally and training simply but consistently. I was amused by his observations about gym life; people queuing for machines, standing waiting, going through the motions with little real effort or passion.

The second half of the book covers the exercises and he includes some plans from preparation through to advanced. This is a solid guide to basic movements that I think anyone into fitness will enjoy and should master. Even though he includes plans he talks about experimenting and listening to your body.

You don’t need any special equipment, but you will need to be willing to go out and use objects on the parks and in the streets; this is particularly important for the pull exercises. I love that he includes pictures showing pull ups on walls, street traffic lights and fences, showing you don’t need a bar. He also encourages training with unusual surfaces which build real life functional strength for hands, ligaments, joints etc. Cool stuff.

2. Jon Call Instagram (Jujimufu)

Instagram –

The second thing I want to share is Jon Call on Instagram. I think I found him through a blog post from Tim Ferris. This is the first video I saw and it cracked me up!

Different strokes for different folks, right @acro69 @juggling69 ? 😒

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And then I watched this one:


And then this one, honestly I think this is health, fitness, fun and art:


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This guy is so cool. I think this is really what true fitness is, strength, flexibility, positivity and fun!

Working with yoga as one of my base forms of training can be a little dry, with yoga you aim to go peacefully through the moves without much emotion, more a clear focus on the entirety of the body as you move which takes you to a meditative place.

It’s a great practice, but I think it’s good to balance it with some of the things that Danny Kavadlo and Jon Call do which are more freestyle, more fun and more full of a natural positive spirit.

I think one of the most important things that comes across is that to be truly fit and strong you need to make it a part of your mindset through the day rather than treating it as something you do for an hour at the gym. Take the stairs; hell, run up the stairs and back down and then up again. See a tree with a low branch, do some pull ups. Free for five minutes, do some press ups.

The thing that will make you fit is consistency. If you can build fun ways of moving and working out into your daily life you will; over time, achieve your goals. It’s just a matter of doing it every day and not worrying too much about complicated plans or expensive gyms.

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