6 Favourite Photo Collections

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I created 6 photo collections to share some of my favourite photos. I made a cover poster for each with some photo highlights and text. The 6 posters are below, if you click on one it’ll take you to the page with the full set of photographs.

The collections are based on themes, locations, objects that I found interesting. The first one I ever worked on was ‘Tokyo Rail’, some of the pictures are around two and a half or three years ago when I just started out with photography.

I’ve also added a top menu item to my website for these. I hope I might find some inspiration to create more collections in future. As I am writing this I thought that autumn; or more broadly seasons, might be good.

I would be really interested to know whether any of these are interesting to you. What kind of collections do you find interesting?







6 thoughts on “6 Favourite Photo Collections

  1. It is so difficult to choose between these collections – I like so many of them. My favourite photo is the city one of the big blue get road going away from the camera – it has an extraordinary balance. But I also love classic automotive and the Scottish shoreline, plus I’m a sucker for temples too. Lovely work!!!


    1. ah, so kind, thank you very much, I am glad you like! luckily I won’t make you choose one, glad you can enjoy several ! :) I am going to post Autumn and Christmas ones soon !

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