Fitness – Break the Rules, Have Fun!


If you’ve seen my recent posts you will have noticed I am trying to step up my yoga practice, in parallel I’m also trying out various other forms of training. I’m interested in bodyweight training, callisthenics (e.g. swinging on bars) and a bunch of other stuff.

This post is really just to share a couple of fun things.

Yoga Part III & Training Update: 23rd Aug – 27th Sept


On Aug 23rd I started working towards a goal to get into a daily yoga practice (I made two posts about this so far Part I and Part II.)

Just over a month later I want to check in on progress. I will admit now that I had a couple of long stretches of days w/out yoga practice. However as a minimum I have been walking 3-5 miles per day and I have been eating relatively light.

Yoga Part II


I’m continuing to work on a daily ashtanga yoga practice.


From 23rd August; for about two weeks, I did about 70% of the ashtanga primary series on alternate days, with some running and weight training in between.

However, suddenly on 8th Sept I felt exhausted, I decided to take 2 rest days; which turned into  4.

Yoga – You Need to Be Tough


When I tell some people I practice Yoga, I sometimes get:

“aww that must be relaxing”
“you must be flexible”
“you must be relaxed”
“oh, are you vegan / do you like kittens / have you been to india” (just kidding on this one)

None of these are true. The truth is real Yoga is tough and change is slow. But that’s ok, I think the real benefit may come through the art of practice rather than the result.