Bye bye

Thoughts on Life

I’m leaving :( – which means I will no longer appear via the reader.

I’ve set up a hosted website. The reason I am doing this is to have more flexibility in terms of plug-ins and adding my own code.

My new website is

Eventually I will re-direct this URL to that website too.

It’s been a pleasure to be part of the ‘reader’ community, and I have appreciated connecting with a few people here and seeing a few comments.

If anyone would like to keep in touch with me longer term my social media links are:

Facebook – alexanderroan
Twitter – alexanderroan
Instagram – alexander.roan

The home page of my new website is ‘My story’ – if you are interested, please check it out, I would welcome any feedback :)

I will be adding more content on the new site; blog posts, links to prints for sale, and info on commercial work as I go forward.

Wish everyone here on the best for the future, it’s a great place to get started.


Life’s Changing Perspective

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Yesterday afternoon I was browsing wordpress and I saw the discover challenge  to post about perspective. Coincidently earlier that morning I took a photo of two work men from an unusual top down perspective as they sat on a truck cab.


Two work men sitting on a truck cab in Bangkok


Close up of two work men sitting on a truck cab in Bangkok

Christmas in London – part II


I survived christmas alone in London.

Actually; and I feel guilty saying this, it was delightful.

I missed my mum; it is a time when everyone is talking about family. However thanks to yoga, meditation, reading and learning I was able to keep a reasonable perspective. It’s just another day, I saw my mum recently, and I will see her again soon. The other matter; a girlfriend, hopefully I will meet someone I match with soon.

After I finished work at my client on christmas eve I went to wholefoods and treated myself to something fancy; sourdough fruit bread (ridicoulsly priced), this was the first part of my plan for an awesome solo christmas day. So next morning it came to be that I was lying cosily in bed watching an xmas short animation with toasted fruit bread and coffee. Oh and my mum had sent me a gift to unwrap; a book, and I also had a box I sent myself; a new skateboard (uhm I am in my thirties in case you were wondering).

Afterwards I packed my camera, book and sketchpad. No transport in London on xmas day, but there are hire bikes. So I took one of those from my shared place in east london and went to holborn where part two of my plan went into action; to visit the hoxton – a really cool hotel and have some food / coffee and a beer.

So technically I even exercised!

The rest of my day was spent walking, taking photos and enjoying a couple of beers on my part walk part hire cycle pub crawl around London.

It was rainy, but that’s cool, rain can give a nice shine to city streets as the sun goes down.

This was kind of enjoyable; way less stress than roasting a turkey and preparing all the trimmings.

First photos – covent garden:


Screen – A Haiku Poem (Writing 201 day 1)


I’ve just started the wordpress blogging university ‘writing201’ course. The first poem is based on the word prompt ‘screen’, the form ‘haiku’ and the device ‘alliteration’.

Here is my 1st every poetry attempt:

just a small, slight screen
the data it can display
I can’t comprehend

bright electric light
but is it real or fake?
an imitation

staring at your screen
from early until late-night
who is the user?

jonestown coffee laptop guy

jonestown coffee laptop guy

Some background notes:
I joined the course by accident last night, so this is all very exciting. The exercise included a suggested form. This time the ‘haiku‘ form; three lines containing 5, 7 and 5 syllables. I tried to write three haiku, just for practice. I can see the challenge in writing a poem in just one haiku; saying something meaningful and concise.

The device the exercise suggested was alliteration; using the same consonent multiple times in proximity, the aural imprint this leaves is called consonance.

In terms of my effort, I think I managed to get the 5,7,5 syllables, unless my counting is off. I don’t think I quite got the meaning I intended as clearly as possible. And while I did try to include some alliteration ‘small, slight, screen / data, display / can’t comprehend’, it’s not that strong.

My intention for the poem was in the first haiku to contrast the small size of the screen with the depth of information available. The second was to introduce the idea that screens and online life are distracting us from real life. The third being my progression of this to question do we use computers / screens or do they use us?

The picture is from a photoshoot I did for a local coffee shop earlier this year.

I really appreciate any comments on the structure, possible alternate vocabulary, and ways to make my meaning clearer or more interesting.